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Self-care Challenge, because change doesn’t happen overnight


Learn how you can change your life with Mindfulness in only 16 days.

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You haven't felt like yourself lately?

Self-care challenge is the program for you — It helps you to find yourself even if you have a busy mind and a fast



15 minutes exercise, 16 days:

  • Transformative meditations

  • Powerful coaching impulses

  • Time for your personal development
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This is what you'll find once you started the journey:

🎧 15 min listen

Session 1: Why setting intentions is the way to achieve goals? 

🎧 15 min listen

Session 2: Build yourself up from a state of graditude

🎧 15 min listen

Session 3: Find motivation from within

🎧 15 min listen

Session 4: Open your heart for self-love

🎧 15 min listen

Session 5: Create an environment of peace and productivity

🎧 15 min listen

Session 6: What is a full and balanced life?

... all of these plus 10 lessons more will guide you on your mindful path.

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What we do different

With this program, you will be able to... 


✓ Identify imbalances and stress triggers

✓ Reflect on yourself in a personal journal

✓ Release what no longer serves you

✓ Follow your goals with ease and trust

✓ Track your balance

✓ Improve behavior patterns and reduce bad habits

✓ Make self-love decisions


Yes, I need this

Ladina Ella

Your guide & mindfulness teacher

Helping others to discover their true selves is Ladina’s passion. Her light-hearted approach to mental health gives this serious subject a playful twist.

Ladina is the friend you never knew you needed on your journey to a powerful life. She believes everyone is on a powerful path to presence and purpose, and sometimes we just need a little nudge in the right direction.


I’ve gone from feeling stressed out and overworked to loving the life I live. This program has changed my life. I feel like Ladina is a trusted soul sister guiding me to a better version of myself.

Alex Deal

Founder of Level Up

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Self-care Challenge



  • Instant access
  • One-time Payment 
  • No time limit

Katie, Switzerland


"I realized that my job was my number one focus in my life. The program made it so easy for me to shift that and to focus on family, love & relationships.

This is a fantastic program that will help you gain more clarity and more skills for a balanced life. 

Just recently I was given the job opportunity I always wanted. Once I let go and focused on other things, the position came to me by itself. KEOLA is just so different than everything else, I have tried.

Vanessa, Spain


"Before I used to wake up in the morning with so many thoughts in my mind and already started my day unconsciously.

I am self-employed so I really need this sense of satisfaction when I close my day. This program helped me to build a calm morning routine which really lasts the whole day. It makes me feel more productive and leaves me satisfied by the end of the day."

Karina, Canada


"I haven't practiced mindfulness before. Once I got into it, it reminded me of what I really wish for in life and what I truly value day by day. It's a unique process that helps you understand your feelings and emotions.

Today I set different priorities in life. My friends and family even told me I look different, more calm, more relaxed and happier. I really recommend this as a life-changing experience."

Self-care Challenge



  • Instant access
  • One-time payment
  • No time limit

Everything is 100% online

Learn at your own pace anywhere using the app or access the online platform. 

Waste no time.

Daily Sessions - Only 15 minutes per day

In only 16 days you will see and feel remarkable growth in your personal life.

Efficiency is key.

Personal Approach

Reach out anytime along the journey to get 1:1 support or ask the community for accountability. 

We are in this together. 


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