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What is so Special About Travelling?

mindfulnesscoaching wanderlust Jun 06, 2021

Have you found yourself saying this phrase out loud to friends, family or even work colleagues: I want to travel. But why do we have a strong impulse to travel? Where do our desires and wanderlust come from? Is it about the excitement of being in a new place? Is it about participating in fun new activities or meeting cool people? We think it’s about the feeling of growing. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and realizing that you can do anything. We develop a wider world view where we can self-actualize all of our dreams into reality: nothing is too crazy or out of reach. 

Travelling can allow us to better understand ourselves and what we are searching for in life. Most importantly, reflection and self-awareness allows us to find the answers to any questions we might have about ourselves. It allows us to feel at home with ourselves. 

Some of you might be familiar with these experiences even without travelling. The participants of our online program feel exactly the same way right now. They are on an exciting journey to the life they always wanted! Like travelling, it is not always easy. Some parts are challenging and sometimes you feel lost, but in the end, you are so enriched by all the miracles and magic moments you discover along your journey.

  Ladina, Founder of KEOLA:  "It can be extremely frustrating when you realize that your daily life feels like a cage. You feel like the pressure from the outside world is taking over and everyone else is ruling your life. This causes high tension and stress which leads to overperforming, self-sabotage and burnout syndrome. 

I studied tourism and always dreamed of traveling. In fact, I packed my bag and wanted to travel (to my grandmother’s house) at the age of 3. A voice in my head kept screaming, “Just go Ladina, and leave everything behind discover the world!”.

I was seeking freedom. It was about escaping the pressure and boundaries AND what I was actually looking for was the possibility to develop myself! Yet, I realized that it is not about going somewhere. But to truly fight these damaging feelings of “being stuck” you need to find the limiting beliefs in your head that are holding you back and find out what actually drives you. You need to learn how to get into a state of mind where you are leading your life and maintain this in your “normal” everyday routine.  

The first step is the hardest, especially when you don’t know where to start… and this is exactly why I’ve put together this community. It took me years of traveling to find uplifting community where you can open up and find other women that have the desire to support and share from the bottom of their hearts. I know that if I was given the possibility to talk about my ideas, questions and triggers, my journey would have been much easier.

I KNOW a lot more of you are out there and you have powerful visions of what you want to achieve in life. Your problem is that in a superficial society you often feel like people don’t understand your thoughts and you end up standing on the outside. TRUST me we got you!

 As part of the program I will guide you through a mindset exercise to figure out where that dissatisfaction and stress is truly coming from. We call this the “MINDSET ROUTINE” It requires 30 minutes of your time per week. In addition I give you easy templates and tools to maintain this mindset in your daily life.  Second, we invest extra time in personal growth in our community workshops once per month lead by our professional life coach. 


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