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lifecoachingforwoman mindfulcoaching mindfulnesscoaching Jul 14, 2021
Mindfulness Is the Key To Self-Awareness

When was the last time you took a mindful moment for yourself? A moment of stillness and introspection? As complex human beings, we like to keep busy and pack our schedules with long to-do's. But how often have you found yourself repeating old patterns whether it was in work, relationships, friendships or family life. It is thanks to mindfulness and self-reflection that we are able to look at our thoughts, emotions, feeling and actions from a neutral standpoint and improve our quality of life in the present moment. 

The truth is that reflection doesn’t always come easy. Self-reflection is a skill that needs love and attention in order to reach a state where you are able to become fully aware of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. However, the rewards of this skill are unparalleled, leading you into a life of self-compassion and in tune with your intuition and inner power.

Remember, self-reflection is not about taking a critical turn or letting your inner critic take the steering wheel! It’s about looking at ourselves from a standpoint of curiosity and inquiry. We may start to ask ourselves questions such as “How did that thought arise?” and “Where do I experience this feeling within my body”?

When we become more self-aware, we start to get a better understanding of the choices we make: our motives and assumptions. Here are a few ways that self-reflection leads to an increased sense of self-awareness throughout daily life:

Understanding your core beliefs 

The more we self-reflect, the more we are able to assess our internal self talk. What's going on inside your mind? What assumptions are at the forefront of every single decision that you make? We all live our lives with knowledge we have obtained from our family, friends and society at large. But how much of this knowledge is true for us and the type of life that we want to live? Being able to separate our beliefs and values from those of others is a skillset that is only obtained through reflection and inquiry. 

Control your emotions and behaviours 

Self reflection allows us to dive deep into our thoughts and emotions in order to ask the important 'Why.' Why are we reacting in a certain way? The more you reflect, the more you will increase your level of self-awareness, eventually reaching a point where you are able to control how you react to situations. 

Gain perspective and intentionality 

Life tells us to keep moving forward and push through. But at what point do we reflect on why something isn't working out? On why we are feeling frustrated, tired and stressed? Self reflection allows us to intentionally identify what it is that needs to be changed in our everyday life. It allows us to put a pause, think and ponder. 

Remember, self-reflection is the exercising of introspection, coupled with the willingness to learn about yourself, in order to help achieve self-awareness. In the end, self reflection leads to greater self awareness which in turn creates tremendous improvement in daily life. 

The next step is to put this all into action and begin your journey of introspection! Self-reflection works best when you have a journal nearby where you can record your thoughts down on paper. Our 2021 Keola program is all about taking a moment in our day to meditate, observe and reflect on our current state. We invite you to join us and learn more about our program by clicking here.

Self-reflection will lead you on a path of growth and personal happiness. Will you join us on this journey of introspection and self-development?

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